Literary Review on Our Breakthroughs

PDF WIP Literary Review of our breakthroughs in Massage Therapy!

NOTE: We recognize how much more formatting work etc. is needed to make this work journal ready and thankful for all the war feedback and critiques!

The above literary review documents how I achieved the following results as exactly as possible and still has a longggg way to go to be ready to be submitted to various journals.

These breakthroughs were achieved out of a desperate path of research documented here. This path included 1,500 hrs of in class training that began at the Swedish Institute in NY, NY and culminated across the country with various massage therapy schools with a total training cost of $34,000 and over 8,640 hours of hard core constant detective work. Interestingly, over 90% of the breakthroughs detailed above were gained through constant trial and error, learning most from my wife and other critical clients. All eternally grateful for what I accomplished with them but hesitant to me to discuss their cases broadly, which has been an unfortunate cog in the wheels of our research.

Yet, I'm giving away my breakthroughs through this literary review and upcoming videos in the hope of quickly helping to elevate the massage therapy profession. I invite all massage therapists to give it a read and share this link with their peers as it will see general updates and editing as time goes on. Including key actions I had forgotten were necessary with the wifes recovery.

Completed Cases

· Lifetime Migraines – 3 apts at once a week to reach homeostasis.

(4/4 Cases successful in this timeframe)

· Scoliosis – 8 apts at once a week to reach homeostasis.

(1/1 Cases successful. Another Groupon client showed 30deg range of motion increase from a single session but never returned)

· Fibromyalgia (CP 8) – 20 apts at once a week to reach homeostasis.

(1/1 Cases successful in this timeframe.)

· Life affecting neuropathies (Including Installed Neurological Pacemaker where morphine did nothing to ease pain) – 16 apts at once a week to reach homeostasis.

(1/1 Cases successful in this timeframe)

Currently In Progress

· Abdominal Pain (Sibo- Sometimes paralyzing) Migraines (apx 2/m at lvl 8/10) – (Chronic back pain 8) – Expected 20 apts at once a week to reach homeostasis

(Marginal gains after first apt, second apt focused 1.5 hours of protocol one just on their back that took it from a chronic pain of 8 to a 5.5)

· Fibromyalgia + Lupus (CP 4-7) – Expected 20 apts at once a week to reach homeostasis

(After first appointment was able to quit their lifetime migraine medication on their own and without any increase in pain or symptoms that took place of standard gains in progress pain wise)

7/9 “Impossible” cases successful.

2/9 “Impossible” cases in progress and looking great.

Any human pathology that's linked with lowered ATP (energy) levels, chronic pain, neuropathies and even immunodeficiencies have all shown strong signs of improvement with 'Interventional Wellness Protocol 1.' People with chronic pain, lyme, lupus, fibro and more may not have to suffer from them for much longer and it's our hope that thier local massage therapist can become qualified to help with with guaranteed results.

We also invite massage therapists to film themselves replicating our videos for certification and listing on our website as an 'Interventional Healer"' where results can be expected, even in pathologies once thought to be impossible.

We've had a dream of flying around the country and working on people with their own streams up or their own controlled before and after video as a test of this protocol in a more modern way as we also work to spread these works along the standard scientific routes and journals. Removing control of results from us for the greatest transparency. Instead of the show Home Makeover we would be helping people, massage therapists and schools better serve those that need them, as well as help raise general massage therapy standards faster than a traditional only approach could do. If we fail along this route that would only inspire us to work harder to improve our protocols even more.

In our world we can either give up on that which causes us pain, which affects our lives in isolated misery... or we can continue the peaceful fight to overcome them united.

The better we can master the art of healing, the faster we can save our world from burning to chaos.

Fight on, with peace.