Interventional Wellness Inc.

What if it wasn't so much about left versus right than us versus stress?

No matter how tough things get. There is hope.

There's a singular system behind all of our pain and misfortune. By finally addressing it and learning to effectively overcome it, we can not only begin to overcome our "impossible" pathologies, but we can finally address our tougher questions...

(This site is a work in progress, we thank you for your patience)

What if we all shared a common foe that predisposed us to infertility, weight gain, depression, illness, anger, violence, loneliness, cognitive decline, miscommunications, costly mistakes and much much more?

It's no question that conditions across our society are getting tougher and tougher with polarization we simply haven't seen in a long time. So many of us try and carry the world on our shoulders till we begin to slowly break and loose patience even for those we love the most. We hope that we just have to try and press on a little further, survive just a little longer, while neglecting our physical and emotional pains that literally threaten to tear us down...

Solving hatred across our political divides seems impossible when even husband and wives have long had a hard time with a 50% divorce rate. What if the same enemy that drives lovers apart was also responsible for every inflamed condition across our world?

According to exhaustive research, one highly overlooked system within us is literally responsible for all that and more. The question we ask is, "if people are educated on this pitfall within ourselves and train to overcome it, then is there a chance for not only that persons resurgence, but of out society as well?

We say yes.

It's never been enough to 'try some wellness,' and now today, we seem to need nothing short of an intervention in our mindsets, attitudes, self care and lives. We don't need to scream louder, we need to heal.

What makes Interventional Wellness different?

First, our massage therapy room is out of this world. With precision hot stones, steam towels, aromatherapy and more for only $80 an hour, what are you waiting for? Did you know that the national average for how long a massage lasts is 3 hours to 3 days? Try us out and experience an impressive massage design as well as permanent improvements, especially for those who also do some of their self care homework.

It's not impossible to overcome pain and stress, but with an effective ally you can finally begin to see progress.

As a wellness company, we also have a unique perspective into what makes people and society tick, how a certain system sabotages everything we love and care about that we then present to you for FREE across this website on how to overcome it with nearly 100 website pages, soon to be followed with you tube videos for those who prefer to lay back and listen.

Our Mission: Empower you to become an interventional warrior of peace within your own life.

We have over 100 pages on this site for any area one may need help with. If you feel a page is missing let us know and well be happy to share our wisdom on that area. A few key areas to check out out:

Regardless of how insane and apparently impossible things seem to get, there is always hope.

Never give up, never surrender.

Hang in there.

Hand in hand.

We will make it together.


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