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Stress is a modern epidemic that is taking a toll on our health, relationships, and society as a whole. 

Whatever your goals have been, there's been an enemy sabotaging them from within. 

Too many of us have "put the world on our shoulders" and just try to make it through our days, hoping that somehow things may improve despite the growing anger and flames of our world.


That approach is not working. 

It's time for us to take action and become our own intervention based on our mental independence

Don't let stress hold you back from the life you deserve. 

Don't let your fears of what could go wrong stop you from trying to make them right. 

Don't let the scars of the past slow you down from new kinships, activities and pursuits.

Its time we learn to put our differences aside and better unite our efforts to make things more right.  

Shout out to vets and medical workers. While were honored to have consulted with multiple Quantico agents and ranking members of the United Nations, the veterinary world, and healthcare world for that matter, requires a whole knew level of specialization that we are presently working on. Please check out THIS PAGE for vets and medical workers alike, which includes positive ways to build effective boundaries with clients and patients. 

For anyone grappling with chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Lyme disease, Scoliosis, Migraines, or any unresolved health issues, we extend an open invitation to join our non-funded, pay-as-you-can case series. Despite starting with a modest pool of 10 clients, we've observed significant success rates and enjoy testing our approach and improving over time.

We're also actively seeking a partnership with a university or a reputable organization. Our aim is to ensure the legitimacy and integrity of our upcoming study by demonstrating that we aren't cherry-picking cases. We want to contribute authentic, valuable insights to the scientific community.

In addition to any companies or entities struggling with symptoms of stress, burnout, turn over etc. to take part in our pro bono pilot business consultation program that involves getting to know the way things are empathically and then giving economical or even costless solutions geared to help with the root of those issues. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

As heard on Business Talk Radio!

Our work is only the beginning of a new movement. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries since "United we rise, divided we fall." 

Right or left we welcome all, except for those who desire to fall, even then they just need to be able to make that call.

Our journey began with a heartbreaking diagnosis of extreme fibromyalgia, and the best we could hope for would be "maintaining its symptoms" for the rest of our life. That wasn't going to fly, without support we fought to find adjunctive homeopathic solutions, finding exercise and self care a stepping ground to a robust massage therapy protocol that helped us achieve homeostasis as documented HERE

Cautiously we began to apply this protocol to others and future clients and the result was insane. For everyone out there struggling with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, scoliosis, lupus, lyme, neuropathies, recovery etc there's new hope as we work on creating clinical trials to see if our high success rate can be replicated. And you don't have to wait years to see what we did and EXACTLY how we did it with video instructional for other healers out there and for free.

 In the countless  distractions, organizations and movements out there, we may not be elite but we just may be worth your comradery.

To those interested in our work please visit our massage therapy page.

To those interested in helping us with our clinical trials as assistant writers, coordinators, administrators, overseeing entities, participants etc feel free to contact us.    

Interventional Wellness Detailed methodology + breakthroughs

Disclaimer: None of the information on this site is to be construed as advice and we firmly recommend each person to consult with their doctor as to any pathologies they may be experiencing. We provide this site to you for you own research for effective tools and insights to help with a host of challenges we may all face. 

(This site is a work in progress, we thank you for your patience) 

(Previously known as Precision Massage & Healing Inc.)

We have over 100 pages on this site for any area one may need help with in life. We've also placed a site key at the bottom of this page. If you feel a anything is missing let us know and we'll be happy to share our research and insights on that area. A few key areas to check out:

"What if it wasn't left versus right as much as US versus STRESS? Whatever one is, be a good one that's able to understand the realities of others to better become able to get ones own concerns across, just like the sun"

No matter how many goals or dreams you may have decided impossible... There's a reason why... 

Stress is simply not something we can afford to ignore any longer, its an epidemic that predisposes us to disease, violence, divides and even war.  The good news is that it's easier to overcome than we thought. Solving stress wont solve all of our problems overnight but it will sureeeee make them easier!

Imagine being able to work on your goals without invisible shackles holding you back. Imagine being able to make progress in areas that we once thought were a lost cause.

That's our mission.

For eons, our society has tried to work toward a better world "in spite of stress." The best of intentions leading to endless wars over a broken few we assumed to represent the majority, small problems we mistook as life threatening. And now today, it is our firm belief that if we finally face this hidden beast, that's been sabotaging our race since our beginning, we can literally redefine what dreams may come. 

Welcome to the peaceful revolution

We are a nonprofit wellness company that's 501c3 pending. Our only mission is to share hard hitting insights about stress and wellness with you. Beyond free education and insights we also hope to one day be able to provide free massages to those who literally just need a helping had to get back on track in life. 

Our story began with an awkward date in a little coffee shop. My own story was fairly long and arduous up to this point, including nearly dying inside a religion that proposed to be able to help save the world of its pains. After I left, rebuilding my life was difficult to say the least, especially since I had tried to piece my life back together but just lost my car in Las Vegas due to misinformation from Uber and was now struggling to get my life back in order and as a fledgling best selling author at the young mid life crisis age of 32, with relatively nothing to my name but a dream to, maybe one day, be helpful to others out there. She walked in as a charming, petite, over-overworked struggling veterinary rotating intern with makeup that tried to hide the pain of her industry, and black bags under her eyes from weeks of overnights and a needy grandmother who didn't fully understand the sleeping during the day thing. It wasn't love at first sight, but it grew slowly yet surely, like the rising tides of a candles flame. It was truly like stepping into a mystery novel where the more I learned about her, the more questions I had. It was clear she was in pain, her grandmother a mysterious connection to her parents global divorce and custody case and was leaving to New York in a few months...

In a few moments of clarity against our beaches gentle spray, I could see her clearly for the lovely and adventurous girl she was, despite the pain, stress and baggage that dominated her life. I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that she would have no energy left for me after her work and pain... probably taking years and years of healing till the person I knew she was inside was the only thing in her life... I proposed.

What followed was a truly grueling test of love, patience and a never ending fight for our lives as laid out here.

 I remember those chaotic times like it was yesterday, when countless specialists were telling my wife that there was no cure for her extreme case of fibromyalgia and that she should consider giving up on her dream of becoming a Veterinary Oncologist. Her career was over before it began. I knew how important that dream was to her so I joined the Swedish Institute in NY, NY spending a year soaking in their intense training in mechanical perfection designed to suit New York's most stressed individuals. That program was only the beginning of a long journey to save her career and her life from the extreme manifestations of pain and stress. 

We didn't really a business in mind. All we knew is that wifey needed an intervention that we just couldn't find elsewhere. Kind of like the saying of "Stop waiting for others to save you, become your own hero." It's insanely frustrating when one is at wits end and even the therapists they turn to don't seem prepared to handle trauma or deep levels of stress that bring many of us to our knees and end countless dreams. I'll tell you how I feel! I feel like throwing this water at you! For example, did you know that many police officers suffer from such extreme stress and PTSD that if they were honest with their feelings they'd fear being dismissed or downgraded to a mall cop? At the very least we hope that we can give hope to those who may not have found it elsewhere, effective support where perhaps they only found empty promises. 

It's honestly hard to describe what we can do for you directly because there is no limit to how much stress and hypertonic muscles can affect one's life and our specialty is their reduction, despite their longevity and/or intensity. We're not here to replace esteemed western specialists, we're here to become the best allies they never knew they had. Want to finally be able to loose weight? Check. Want to finally be able to get that rockin bod? Check. Want to find love? Check. Want to save your relationship? Check. Want to save your GPA? Check. Want to become a more effective force in your career? Check. Want to improve the remission rate of repeat offenders of your prison? Check. Want help increasing the profits and morale of your business at once? Check. That's why we offer consultations and are working to help prison reform systems for free. Because we are ready to test our metal and the efficacy of our insights. 

Whatever you're going through in life, shoot us an email that includes the best times to reach out to you and we'll give you a call. This isn't some wonder pill or snake oil. This is the real deal. For many people out there, we are the one company that can help them find hope and progress again, even in areas they may have long thought fallen. 

For all the healers and activists out there. If you want to effect change, peace and wellness, you first have to help others overcome their stress. When we educate ourselves on the pitfalls of stress we begin to see its harmful and widespread effects across a society since it's known to increase violence, aggression, stupidity, disease and so on. Imagine if diplomats had to get a massage before meeting with each other? Agendas will still be a challenge, but at least each side will become able to listen to the other side. Only then can long standing conflicts find progress towards resolution. 

Although problem solving is a skill we hope to help everyone improve upon, we aren't the ones with all of the solutions. We're simply the ones that are here to help you better effect your own positive change for the better, and find less and less obstacles against them whether you're a singular individual or country. 

So many of us try to carry the world on our shoulders till we begin to slowly break and loose patience even for those we love the most... till they become those we once loved. We try our best to press on a little further, survive just a little longer, while neglecting our physical and emotional pains that literally threaten to tear us to pieces... It's not like we haven't tried... it's just that very little outside help have seemed to help... We have to recognize that there is no hero coming. We have to learn to become that hero... to become the intervention for one another while we still have time, instead of the flame.

It's never been enough to 'try some wellness,' as that lets us slowly fall apart, become more sensitive, prone to disease, injury and weight gain- and now today, we seem to need nothing short of an intervention in our mindsets, attitudes, self care and lives. We don't need to scream louder, we need to heal.

What makes Interventional Wellness different? 

First, our massage therapy room is out of this world. The background of our training is truly elite. Beginning with 'The Swedish Institute' in Ny, Ny as mentioned and culminating in over 1400 hours of in class training across the country, literally discovering the best our nation has to offer, in addition to an additional 1500 hours of effective research to push the very limits of massage. 

As a wellness company, we also have a unique perspective into what makes people and society tick, how a certain system sabotages everything we love and care about that we then present to you FREE content on how to overcome it with nearly 100 website pages, soon to be followed with you tube videos and multiple links, blogs and so on.

Our Mission: Empower you to become an interventional warrior of peace within your own life. 

Regardless of how insane and apparently impossible things seem to get, there is always hope. 

Never give up, never surrender. 

Hang in there. 

Hand in hand.

We will make it together. 


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