We're not like anyone else. We don't charge different prices for various modalities, you have our time either way. We don't charge for use of our hot stones, tools and so on, they honestly don't mind.

On hour with us will include a highly customized experience with every modality and tool we have, based on over 1,500 hours of cross country in class training and endless hours of research pushing the limits of what healing can do.

If you think "Massage is useless against my level of pain and stress" - think again.


At IW we don’t charge by modality but by the expertise level of the therapist. All add ons are also free of charge. When you go to the mechanic they don't charge extra for the use of their tools in general.

     All worked is backed by a results guarantee as follows. And the results are not just based on how well you'll feel after the massage but permanently after as stated below. 

     The current number of clients who felt we did not achieve permanent results and asked for their money back = 0

We’ll help put together the best custom experience possible for you with any and all modalities and add ons as needed. Why stress about the price of hot stones when you’re coming to us to relax? (NOTE: Hot stones should always be in motion for safety and lasting inflammation reasons.)


Life Coaching

Go ahead and contact us to schedule a zoom meeting where we can directly help with health, relationship and business struggles from a wellness perspective.

    And presently our price is only $30/hr.


All memberships are month to month with no contract. Cancel anytime without question or delay.


Master Massage

This modality begins with 5 minutes of optional positive energy work. Then a soothing steamed towel is placed on the back to relieve your stress and tension while you receive a craniosacral massage, with rejuvenating and calming aromatherapy in the air.  Followed by Precision Hot stones that will effectively get out every trigger point in your body, with gentle interweaves of a fascia blaster, hints of cyrotherapy, and mobile suction cups to help prevent inflammation and future adhesions. Steamed towels are also used on the feet and one final one with aromatherapy applied to the face at the end.

You’ve simply never experienced anything like it. You can generally divide the number of massages you think you’ll need to get back to homeostasis by 4.

Signature Medical, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Massage

Those suffering from chronic pain no longer have to.

This modality uses a custom combination of several modalities and add ons at no extra charge, much like a Master Massage.

Our success in relieving chronic pain and Fibromyalgia is not only dependent on our highly skilled training, background and approach but also with a united front with you, your doctor and lifestyle changes you can do on your own for free that can greatly reduce your chronic pain level alone. Read up on our “What is Fibromyalgia” page to learn more!

Reiki Energy Work

We deal with so much negative energy in the world that it affects our stress levels, health and wellness. Doctors have begun attributing many diseases to either begin with stress or are heavily exacerbated by them.

To understand how ones beliefs alone can affect one physically we recommend the book “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge, MD. The book leans more to the power of belief, placebo effect, but is a solid Western textbook on what our minds are capable of.

Reiki is a blast of positive energy that has been proven to make all other healing actions more effective. Reiki is also a popular add on to the beginning of their massage for 5-10 minutes at no cost.


Reflexology is far more than a great foot massage. Chinese medicine has traced energetic pathways that go throughout our body and culminate in the feet, hands and even ears. You can feel like you’ve received a full body massage just by work done from just these areas! Besides offering a reflexology massage unlike many others, we’re able to also help target key areas that are giving you distress or holding you back from your fitness, energetic or spiritual goals. This modality is by far the most hand intensive for our practitioners.

Sports Massage

Our specialty is athletic recovery either from a rigorous program or injury. We’ve treated muscles in one hour that had been failed to be treated by weeks of other therapists. We can reduce a targeted areas recovery time from days to hours with 10 min.

Pre-Postnatal Massage

Let us help you make your pregnancy far less painful and better prepare you for the big event. Then, we can also help you quickly recover so you can go back to the best you after!

Swedish & DT Massage

Our Swedish is so effective it can make a banker’s lawyer relax. We’ll add in a custom amount of Deep Tissue to help relieve the trigger points that can accelerate future stress, discomfort and pain.

Our Swedish is a culmination of the best techniques from across the country. We happily invite the toughest critics to let us know what they think!

Master Mobil Chair Massage Event

Let us travel to your workspace, event or group with our unmatched chair massage services.

We can service up to 4-12 staff/people per hour and guarantee leaving them feeling positive, relaxed, motivated and exuberant. This is the best possible way to increase team morale, production and work space positivity.

Our chair is also graded to hold up to 1,000 lbs.

We will also bring some essential oils, affirmations and optional Reiki to continue our hallmark mind/body approach!

ADD ONS (There is no upcharge for add ons. Well recommend any and all modalities for the best results possible)

Precision Hot Stone & Cryotherapy

Hot stones are the most effective tool at relieving trigger points bar none. Especially when combined with passive range of movement. A massage without hot stones in like a car with square wheels. The problem is that heat also increases inflammation, which is why we like to quickly calm each area down with soothing cryotherapy.

We’re not only skilled in using hot stones with people who have sensitivities to heat, like Fibromyalgia, we’ve been able to make hot stones  our hallmark with nearly every type of clientele except of course for prenatal.

Hot stones are also a great way to reduce your athletic recovery time to nothing.

Steamed Towels & Cryotherapy

Sometimes we need a nice nuclear strike against our tension and trigger points before the therapist gets to work. Similar to hot stones, we prefer to follow each area with a quick and soothing amount of cryotherapy to ensure we aren’t leaving any area predisposed to future inflammation.

First a large towel is placed on the back, next two dedicated steamed towels are used on the feet and finally at the end of the massage a dedicated towel is used for the face with a drop of an essential oil of your choice.


Aromatherapy is highly effective at producing a 5D massage enlightening/relaxing effect beyond what’s normally possible with massage and energy work alone. Various essential oils are recommended for various ailments. Aromatherapy is added to a diffuser throughout your session.

Mobile Suction Cups

Free. We do not leave the suction cups in place for possible bruising that can take additional energy from your body to recover from.

We like to follow any deep tissue work and recovery with with suction to help lift your muscles back up. Think of your two muscle protein fibers like two pieces of mobile velcro. If left in a squished state they become more likely to develop additional trigger points in the future. This mainly affects the neck, back and legs.

Assisted Stretching

Free with other modalities.

Based on your needs. We highly recommend adding hot stones for our signature hot stone assisted stretching!

Trigger points will generally limit the stretch of your entire muscle group and thus it’s best to get them out first, unless you’re dealing with a more internal muscle like your Soaz Major, in which case pre- and post-stretching is helpful.

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels