Art of the career

We can succeed in our careers, and without sacrificing our lives and family in the process.

Recently, of 50% of Americans report symptoms of burn out. My question is what percentage of Americans can still see themselves sticking to one career for the long haul, with potential raises and dependable employment along the way?

In the past they would say "show up to work and become able to support a family," "go to college in order to have a nice life."

Today we seem lost.

More and more professions are facing a bleak future with more than half of their work force planning or already on their way out.

But there is hope.

Careers require a mastery of everything we have to teach on this website, especially the individual section and crash course in management. As well as a healthy understanding of the combat of wellness.

Many of the stories as in the 'legends of the 12 rings' apply to a career, but perhaps more than any other, 'the inch' may ring true for a lot of you.

Every career will face three phases.

  1. Training.

Fight or flight mode is known to destroy memory and make studying impossible. What's even tougher is that in many serious training pathways, like veterinary oncology will generally drown their students with clinics on their fourth year. In many of these schools its thus not enough to build a center that's strong enough for the rigorous study you'll face. But also enough to prevent mental destruction to a poorly devised work environment.

  1. Work.

It's not enough to master thy craft. The combat of wellness will help get you through. Even more important is knowing about illusionists that are possibly responsible for up to 80% of the burn out corporate America faces as they are experts in making those who work hard out to be villain's and the ones who do very little out to be heroes, with themselves as the best friend of the organization.

  1. Plan.

Sometimes it's not enough to just hit the grindstone. Sometimes a little extra work is needed to look ahead, find new ways of getting better, stronger, more recognized.

It's a battle but one that can be won with peace.

Hang in there. Step by step anything is actually possible.

Photo by Laura James from Pexels