The Combat Of Wellness

It's you vs you.

The Combat Of Wellness

We have all felt true pain while knowing that worse is always possible. We've all been burned to a degree by the flames of our society, while knowing things can still easily get worse. Some think we're too far gone, we say there's hope.

It's a battlefield. 

Any battle requires understanding one self and ones enemy. In the combat of wellness our most powerful enemy is stress and it's weapon of fight or flight mode. It requires arming oneself with weapons of peace in order to be able to fight back, including powerful stories and other tools to help give that extra edge. Why should we care about better knowing ourselves and the enemy of stress? 

Sun Tsu one said:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”- Sun Tsu 

Why did those weight loss programs end in defeat? Why have many other areas of our lives been equally challenging? Why has it become hard for many to even feel love for the ones they're married to? Stress. What's largely to blame for ruined friendships, relationships and careers? Stress. It's even harder to live and work under stressed individuals, who are unable to listen, prone to judgement, their own ability to think shut down, management becomes replaced with punishment, training replaced with judgement and rewards replaced with overwhelm. 

What's funny is it turns out the best way to make a profit is giving ones staff the training, resources and time they need to make a good product. Failures to keep workloads reasonable per staff member result in having less staff members and so on.

The combat of wellness begins with daring to believe again in love long dead, careers on the way out, chronic pain long accepted as pernament, friendships turned to ashes, unicorns and... possibly... common ground across the aisle. Fighting to build our motivation just a little day by day. Fighting to improve conditions around us a little day by day. Knowing that this new fight will not go to waste like the fallen ashes of our once lofty dreams, settling with being alive having long lost hopes of living. 

Our new efforts to improve never falling to the flames of anger and violence that plagues our world... turning our best intentions into fuel for 'the oter side.' With these tools we may be able to finally find our way by the strength of peace, not fists. Gaining the ability to reflect, to grow, to overcome. Knowing the only possible path to world peace lies with self improvement, less we begin to demand building extremes or even our own downfalls. Whether Democrat, Republican, Muslim, Christian, atheist etc... be a good one. 

We all bleed the same. Regardless of ideology or beliefs we all need to heal. We have lost enough time to pain, anger and heart ache. It's time to fight back. With the combat of wellness. 

The main elements of the combat of wellness are:

The key thing to remember in the combat of wellness is to never give up and treat pain, depression, failure etc as calls to arms to get better, kinder, healthier, stronger and so on. 

It's easy to throw a fist at problems we dislike. It's far harder to take the path of reflection, of peace. 

As a mechanical example. Say someone is constantly lifting packages for their work and as a result has serious back pain. Their back muscles are simply not cut out for the amount of work they are needed for. 

Doctors will tell this person to get rest and consider giving up, taking another job and so on. While we agree acute pain must be addressed. Our advice to that person is to gently work to make their muscles stronger than the demands of their job. 

And thus we have the choice in how we react to pain itself. Hide and grow weaker. Or face that which gives us pain and peacefully become stronger than it. TO the point that what once rocked our worlds no longer even gives us pause. 

That's the combat of wellness. 

Sure we cant help greatly with our in person interventional massage work and free online content on addressing chronic pain and being there for your loved one, but in the end its up to us to overcome. Unfortunately no one in our lives may have the energy left to give us a hand, and thus we have to learn to pull ourselves back of the chasms in which we once called home. 

If the water in a river runs into a rock, it wont complain about the rock, stop and stress out, obsessing about this obstacle along its path. It will simply keep moving without a second thought. And so too must we learn to stop obsessing about our many problems, outrage and triggers, but fight to stay focused on possible solutions. 

Become the water and find no insurmountable obstacle to your dreams.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels