About Us

Interventional Wellness Inc. is a non profit massage therapy company that’s currently 501c3 pending.

(Previously named Precision Massage & Healing Inc.)

Presently located at 2601 Wyoming Dr Ne #1703, Albuquerque, NM!

Ultimately, Interventional Wellness was born out of desperation by the founder to save his wife’s life from crippling Fibromyalgia. Our story is the story of Jason, the founder, fighting to find a way to help alleviate his wife from a pathology that was supposed to have been impossible to recover from, no matter the odds or what the professions claimed. Today, she has a chronic pain level of 0, and is an inspiring example of what’s possible. Interventional Wellness is the attempt to bottle that love story and the insights within with the world at large in the hopes of helping others overcome their own pains, demons and hinderances in their goals of making a difference.

(To read more about our fight check out 'The Love Story That Overcame The Impossible'.)

The insights that made everything possible were born from the powerful energies and training of California, forged from the fires and perfection of New York, and refined by hundreds of hands on hours on some of the most critical patients available, facing career devastation without intervention.

Our mission is the pain & stress reduction of Albequerque, NM and beyond.

Why form as a non-profit? Because there are far too many people out there in pain and without the means to afford specialist care for themselves. With costs of living rising and kindness itself becoming extinct, we are most passionate as a company to get help to those trying to pursue a career path, dream or goal and just need a little helping hand.

We aspire to be a light every person can count on, no matter their condition or depression. We are here for them. We are dedicated to uplifting our clients and helping to forever shape their lives for the better, as well as our therapists with strong income, health benefits and top-notch training. For those with financial concerns, don’t be shy and let us know and we’ll see what we can do! As human beings we should never let pride get in our way of the help we need to then be able to better care for those around us. And yes, we worth it!

Our approach to massage theory itself is benefited by the founders 1,500 hours of cross-country training in Swedish, Medical, DT, Precision Hot Stone, Cyrotherapy, Reflexology, Lomi Lomi, Sports Massage, Prenatal, Suction Cups, watsu and more infused with martial arts and Reiki energy work. Our training has culminated in a powerful combination of precision therapeutic modalities and integrative eastern modalities.

We take pride in our ability to help relieve people of even extreme levels of levels of stress, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and resulting depression and anxiety. There are countless people out there who believe their physiological needs are beyond hope we believe we can not only make progress but consistently achieve the impossible. Check out our testimonials, which are real clients with results that we are eager to reproduce.

Besides our signature ‘Precision Hot Stone Massage’, our hallmark is our high level of precision, skill, empathy and compassion in helping you overcome your physiological and energetic road blocks that define what you think is your impossible.

It’s time to overcome pain and stress.

It's time to become our intervention.

It's time to live again.


Jason Barclay, CFO

CFO & Head Of Operations

Reiki & healing Master

Cult Survivor, 2nd Degree Black Belt + Micro bestselling Author, and heard on Business Talk Radio

Company Modalities: All

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Swedish, Deep tissue, Precision Hot Stones, Hot Stone ROM, Cyrotherapy, Mobile Suction Cups, Lomi Lomi, Sports Massage, Craniosacral, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Reiki Energy work

Jason Barclay has always been a student of peace and wellness.

He considers himself a positive realist that finds no value in pain or problems and only in thier solutions or remedy. He believes that everything in the world, except perhaps for stage three arthritis, has a solution or next possible step along the road of healing or improving them. And often that first step is effective self care.

He believes there’s hope for relationships that are falling apart, businesses that may be going under and societies that grow into deeper and deeper unrest.

He profesisonally got into the world of massage years ago when his wife developed Fibromyalgia. He watched helplessly as her chronic pain began to climb to a level of 8, spondylosis and weekly rib subluxations, despite countless doctor visits. It wasn’t until after 1,500 hours of cross-country training and the inclusion of Reiki energy work that he was able to help bring her chronic pain level down to zero with the help of their Dr. and a “kitchen sink” approach, as well as earnest prayer.

He believes his accomplishments in alleviating Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain can also be applied to other chronic pain diseases like extreme cases of Lyme’s Disease etc. He’s also had indirect sucess helping patients overcome nurological diseases from MDDS and a few other intigruing conditions by effectively saving the body expitant energy loss from muscular tension and pain in a way that’s unique to him.

He also adamantly states his breakthroughs and deep understanding of recovery to be due to living in proximity to friends in pain, for there’s only so much massage classes and books can teach.

He’s also an Amazon bestseller and 2nd degree black belt.

Licences: LMT California, LMT Virginia