Herein lay thy weapons for peace, reflection, improvement and even enlightenment to help you along your combat of wellness.

Photo by Jay Johnson from Pexels

Imagine yourself the general of a great army. Having tanks, bazookas and the whole caboodle. Yet you insist on only using 10 infantry. While that may seem laughable, we do that every day. We all generally know what we should be doing, yet will generally limit ourselves to a few healthy actions at once. We will limit how much greens we eat while wondering what happened to that pint of ice cream.

These are the weapons of wellness, the very heart and soul of our campaign for a better life for ourselves, the ones we love and maybe even for those 'savages across the aisle.' Limit your battle to not just one, bet seek to employ them all as time will allow. And yes, when combined they form into a new power with building force that soon becomes undeniable.

The better you isn't a forgotten dream. It's here.

The weapons of the wellness warrior are as follows:

  1. Legend of The Twelve Rings

  2. Wellness Hacks

  3. The Power of Affirmations

  4. Master Thy Breath