Mayo Clinic states, “Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals.” (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2021)

The amplification of pain from Fibro is believed to be due to over facilitation of the nerves in one’s body. Think of ones nervous ganglia much like security guards that have seen so much war, that they sound the alarm if they see so much as a cat walk by. Instead of resting at -95 millivolts the nerves in fibromyalgia can rest as high a -60 millivolts, requiring very little stimuli to send a strong pain signal. This amplification is not limited to the muscular nerves and all stimuli, including light and sound may also develop sensitivities. People with fibromyalgia may also be prone to amplify harsh thoughts and feelings against themselves, especially when their hope of betterment appears bleak.

Although many Doctors still debate the cause of fibromyalgia, or even if they believe it’s symptoms are worthy of a name, the author has noticed it to include a dramatization of a healthy persons’ pain-spasm-pain cycle. According to his studies with The Sweedish Institute and abroad, this cycle is begun when an average person gains a trigger point, the brain is usually uncertain as to the cause and will generally tighten the area a little to restrict potential blood loss and potentially increase inflammation in the hopes of helping it heal, the tighter muscles then become more predisposed to further trigger points which result in slightly tighter muscles and increased amounts of inflammation. In a healthy person their trigger points tend to heal faster than new ones form, but with Fibromyalgia, formation of new trigger points seem to be increased while their healing is greatly reduced. Thus, the author feels that ‘Fibromyalgia’ is something we all have to a degree but it’s when the nerves become over facilitated and the patient presents with a large range of painful trigger points that we call it fibromyalgia.

This is similar with candida, cancer and many other pathologies where we al have traces of them but don’ call it a pathology until it meets a diagnosis threshold. 

In extreme stages of this pathology at a chronic lvl 8+ pain with meds, spinal disintegration (spondylitis), rib subluxation, injury and paralysis by pain become more and more likely.

Standard Treatments states:

“From medication to lifestyle changes, these tactics can help fight fibro. If you're living with fibromyalgia, you already know that there is no cure for the pain and fatigue you often feel. Fortunately, with medications, self care strategies and lifestyle modifications, living with fibromyalgia can be a little easier.”

For most, there is no hope for Fibromyalgia or other chronic pain disease, leaving them hopeless or desperate for treatment beyond pain management.

Many people will try a diet but see no improvement, then exercise, then massage and so on.

So how have we been able to help our clients get to a chronic pain of 0? Read on!

Overcoming Fibromyalgia

There is hope!


All recovery plans must include a Western Doctor. Many are upset with the Western worlds lack of cures but it’s important to understand that western medicine has the strongest grasp of disease and can help make sure that there isn’t other more easily treatable things going on. Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis by exclusion and rarely fully certain.

Medications or pain reducing substances are not a waste of time and are actually an important part of recovery because they, among other things, allow the massage therapist to pass the ‘threshold of efficacy’ and be able to make lasting progress. And we can’t stress enough that’s it’s important to ensure with your Doctor that there aren’t other things going on, like infection. As an example a client could come in with back pain and mention a systemic loss of ROM. They should be recommend to go straight to their Dr/ER since we know that could be spinal infection.

The key with Fibro is you must do everything listed below at once. Think of it like one soldier being unable to overcome an adversary but a united army becomes unstoppable. Especially when you combine the power of the placebo effect (affirmations) with the below actions. Note: Doing everything listed but massage alone can help reduce your chronic pain levels by half and when you are able to get a massage it will become far more effective!

So there is hope and thus our saying, “Believe in your impossible.” :)

We are still researching more precise ways of testing pain thresholds as well as more scientific documentation not only in our aim to become ever better practitioners with a more scientific way of tracking improvements, but to also better prepare for clinical trials etc.

For our thorough detailed approach to fibromyalgia can be found in our Detailed Methodology. This website in a constant work in progress and we hope to better show and explain how people can effectively help themselves across a wide range of pathologies.