Hang in there, things can improve

Pre-pandemic, our workforce was already struggling. Stagnant wages never able to keep up with costs of living. If only minimum wage increased 3% a year like real estates does! Or at the very least based on a tiny fraction of local real estate prices.

Decades ago, the benefit of a minimum wage job was the stability of its hours. Since they were offering literally the minimum amount required, then at least they were thankful to the employees willing to work. When I was 18 years old there seemed to be a sort of respect for those individuals willing to work for the minimum, today it feels like there almost contention for the work force.

Over time, less and less minimum wage workers were given stable hours and without even knowing how many hours they were allowed to work from week to week. I can clearly remember working for a boat company in Ny, Ny where my hours were punished because of a miscommunication on the part of the scheduler. That was my last day.

More than any other class of individuals, employees have it pretty rough today. With many of us suffering from “covid depression/anger” many businesses have had to put up signs in haste asking customers to please be patient with the employees that did show up.

And now today we struggle to get employees back to work. It’s a bit difficult to deeply look at results of republican states opening up early and ending unemployment to force people back to work, but it that republicans generally saw a 20% increase in their labor force yet at a heavy price in Covid related deaths. For example, Florida accounts for 6% of the nations population but had 18% of our recent Covid related deaths.

Generally, the best way will tend to be somewhere in the middle.

There are a few key things an employee today has to master.

Beginning with the story of the samurai, and learning to not care so much what others or management is saying about you and fight to give it your peaceful best, regardless of how much time you plan to remain.

Understand what illusionists are and avoid them at all costs, fighting them directly will be nearly impossible since they generally succeed in making themselves close to management, or are part of it. What's unfortunate is when they decide another top worker is an "ugly duckling" to the point that any friendship with them can paint a similar target on your back as well. Under the effects of an illusionist the top workers can generally be divided into two categories.

  1. Actively dying but appreciated. These people carry an ungodly amount of work on their shoulders and are very open with the fact that this is probably horrible for their health.

  2. The hard working black sheep. These are the ones that "only" do about 20% to 200% the work of everyone else, but are opinionated, fight to prevent their own overwhelm, continually talk about increasing standards etc. These people threaten the illusionist the most and will suffer the most attacks. And of course those attacks are always done in a "polite" and non sinister way, usually in the guide of them being helpful and "stepping up."

E.g. "Oh hey by the way, thanks to my diligent astuteness I caught that hard worker talking about planning to sue us. We gotta be careful of them!"

  1. The rest of the staff will be burned out. Which is right where the illusionist wants everyone to be, where they then look the best.

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The combat of wellness.

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