We can save our relationships and learn to love again.

Do you still love me?

We fear asking the above question, as if love was a contracted condition, rather than a flower that requires constant nurturing. Love is the result of kind, supportive and well hearted acts that are based on the needs of the other, not ourselves.

The real question with love is how we can better be there for those we feel kinship and attachment to. In addition to commiting to the path of our own better selves as in the combat of wellness which depends on each partner learning of the pitfalls of stress. Too easily, we give up on our own betterment and say "This is me, deal with it." And thereby we also give up on our partner, or future partner due to our own self abasement and dwindling conditions mentally and physically.

It's never our guilt, worry, fear, uncertainty or indecision they need. It's our decisiveness, energy, care, clear communication and kinship that's important. As in the story of the samurai, the only way to succeed is to learn to be at peace with where things are. For the more we stress about what may be wrong, what could go wrong etc, the less able to become to make things more right. The less able we become to improve or even listen to those we are married to.

While it may appear that love is slowly becoming a rare commodity, it does exist in abundance, it just needs our help.

We don't have to fully embrace self love and master yoga over night, but we do need to decide what our long term goals are. How 'well' would we like to become? How healthy? How happy? How successful? Whatever it takes to motivate us, we cant afford to give up. Since how we treat ourselves, as well as how well we fight in our own combat of wellness, will ultimately decide how much love we are capable of.

Even if facing divorce, there is still hope. The reason why lovers can be morphed into bitter enemies is painfully simple, fight or flight mode. That force inside us, pushing us to listen less, be more aggressive, more focused on our own reality while unable to understand theirs and more, are all wrapped up into this highly damaging system within our bodies. At Interventional Wellness Inc., we've actually been able to save a few marriages from divorce just by sharing additional insights and life hacks they had been dying to learn.

No matter how "unlovable" one may feel, there is always hope. The truth is that we all deserve to be loved, but can often get in our own way. Bit by bit, we can learn to shed our pain, anger and judgements and slowly replace them with understanding, compassion and affection action to all of our goals.

Go ahead and contact us for a free wellness consultation. You have nothing to loose and literally everything to gain.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels