The breakthroughs herein were achieved out of a desperate path of research documented here.


Detailed Methodology of

Interventional Massage Therapy



Jason Barclay CEO

(See the below video for detailed guidance)

This work includes over 1,500 hrs of in class training that began at the Swedish Institute in NY, NY and culminated across the country with various massage therapy schools with a total training cost of $34,000 and over 8,640 hours of hard core constant detective work. Interestingly, over 90% of the breakthroughs detailed above were gained through constant trial and error, learning mostly from the wife and other critical clients.

Everything contained here has been known since 2017, and it's taken us three years just to find out that we needed to begin with a case study after reaching out to thousands of doctors and researchers offering free work. We even denied offering free work to Abq police and prisoners as either for free or part of our own case studies.

Out of nine cases we have a 100% success rate in permanent improvement. Our minimal permanent improvement per week is 0.6 out of 10 and that's with patients doing none of the required homework. Unfortunately even free clients we took on for months did not sign releases to be able to communicate thier cases with the massage therapy foundation and others to be able to properly share our work. Even though it's been our goal to share our breakthroughs for free and with enough detail to make repeatability of other therapists and trials as high as possible.

Completed Cases

*Lifetime Migraines – 3 apts at once a week to reach homeostasis.

(5/5 Cases successful in this timeframe)

*Scoliosis – 8 apts at once a week to reach homeostasis.

(1/1 Cases successful. Another Groupon client showed 30deg range of motion increase from a single session but never returned)

*Fibromyalgia (Chronic Pain 8/10)– 20 apts at once a week to reach homeostasis.

(1/1 Cases successful in this timeframe.)

(2/2 cases went from a chronic pain of 8 to 5 in four appointments without having done required homework)

*Life affecting neuropathy (Including Installed Neurological Pacemaker where morphine did nothing to ease pain) – 16 apts at once a week to reach homeostasis.

(1/1 Cases successful in this timeframe)

9/9 “Impossible” cases successful.

Any human pathology that's linked with lowered ATP (energy) levels, chronic pain, neuropathies and even immunodeficiencies have all shown strong signs of improvement with 'Interventional Wellness Protocol 1.' People with chronic pain from Lyme, lupus, fibro and more may not have to suffer from them for much longer and it's our hope that their local massage therapist can make avail of our freely open research and videos and let us know how they do.

To this end we will be offering certification in our methodology once we're better able to prove it's efficacy. We may price this for $1 for the therapists willing to be a part of upcoming trials we're slowly working on putting together. Lack of consent of even pro bono clients to write up case reports of their gains has been a main limiting factor.

We've also had a dream of flying around the country and helping people overcome various pathologies they thought were life sentences with the results of our work possible to be streamed and good or bad would add to our pursuits of pushing the bounds of how much massage therapy can do.

Think Home Makeover but even more touching and giving people back the ability to live.

In our world we can either give up on that which causes us pain or we can better unite our efforts to its mastery.

While some may think our industries have plateaud and "this is how life is supposed to be," we argue that we haven't yet realized what levels of healing, wellness and resulting peace are even possible.