Wellness Your Company

End the mystery of burn out, team morale and efficiency.

Whether you're the CEO or simply work the front desk, we can help.

As it is, stress is estimated to cost American businesses over $300 billion a year in turnover, lost revenue, health related incidents and much more. Yet, I would venture to say that we are losing FAR more than that to the ‘invisible elephant of stress,’ because it’s proven to shut off memory, lower cognitive abilities, lower patience, while increasing mistakes, anger etc. etc.

As individuals, as companies and as a society we literally cannot afford to try and push on "in spite of stress” any longer. Due to the obstacle of stress alone, many employees and managers have begun to feel that there is no longer hope to improve conditions of the workplace...

Many wellness experts will casually promote general meditation, mindfulness, exercise and the basics that everyone has heard a hundred times… But the same thing in the way of management's plans equally gets in the way of their messages.

We are different.

Jason Barclay, founder of IW, is not just another “health and wellness expert.” He survived one of the toughest military-like religions this world has to offer, gaining about $100,000 worth of management training while inside. As a 2nd degree black belt, he’s personally trained 10 students all the way from white belt to black belt. Combine that with his mastery of wellness and you get a truly one-of-a-kind individual that can help companies create a high morale workplace with lower employee turnover, while increasing productivity, initiative, quality of work and client care etc.

There is hope.

And luckily, we are easy to work with because the phone call is free. At this moment, your workplace is literally one call away from finally being able to overcome its drama, strangled workflow, wasted resources, accident rates, and much more.

We only need five minutes to hear specifically what you’re having trouble with and then discuss how we can help. From there we can set up a time for us to get our hands dirty and carry out a customized approach to your environment.

Our help may be as simple as directing various staff to some of our online videos (Which are FREE). Or awarding the staff with a one hour Zoom meeting with us to simply share our breakthrough philosophy on overcoming stress, read some of their workflow/training concerns and help them come up with positive solutions for management to consider. Training them to become problem solvers. ($60). Or perhaps it may be a little more complicated, requiring us to also meet one-on-one over zoom or in person with personnel that may need a little more focus.

Regardless of the needs or challenges of your workplace, we are more than confident that we can help turn things around for the better. Our workplace does not have to be a part of an industry that is known to be an antagonist to wellness when it can become a place we enjoy arriving to, with increased efficiency, production and prosperity.

Thank you for your consideration of our services and we hope to hear from you soon.

Much love,

Jason Barclay


Founder of Interventional Wellness Inc.