Theory of Freed Muscular Energy

We have an exciting theory that aims to answer our impressive testimonials and that hopes to support a new wave of healing. We realize this is highly speculative but is also based on over 1500 hrs of in class training and countless hours of research, and high success rates with hundreds of clients. We hope we can begin a discussion in this area, or better connect with any discussions in this field that have already begun but have not yet found. We invite any and all criticism, input and direction. We would also be honored to help put together a nonprofit clinical trial to truly test this theory once and for all as it would be easy to test, yet its implications could be revolutionary. And thus, even if proven true, we would need the guidance of Western medicine on its rollout and application.

Supportive Arguments

The resting action potential of a given cell is apparently 0.2 mV, multiplied by a around a billion cells, that comes out to about 200,000 V of action potential across our entire body. Although I like to say we thus have about nine lightning strikes with of energy within us that’s just waiting to be released and often wasted, actual voltage studies generally show a max of 42 V at any given time that can be created by the body.

Energy exists in our body as ATP, it is also considered the currency of the body as it is needed to control the motor functions of our muscle, help us heal or even think. ATP is literally needed for everything we could hope to do and it is also why someone facing an ATP deficiency will find it more likely to witness slow recovery, predispositions to illness, injury and so on.

The questions that we ask is where does this energy go first?

We base our hypothesis on hundreds of cases and known data on aging where it appears that areas most removed from “potential combat” are the most likely to slowly fall apart or weaken over time. While signs of aging are seen in our hands, face and so on, the parts that seem to get hit the hardest are our organs, kidneys, liver, G.I. tract, bone density and so on. While our muscles seem to keep on ticking and be generally available till the very end. Naturally our muscles tend to become more and more hypertonic over time, so that by the time we reach around 70 years of age, our once pliable muscles can begin to feel like a solid plate on our back and so on.

Assuming then that our bodies are designed to help us overcome potential combat as a priority in survival, it would then be natural for our muscles and extremities to be the first in line for prioritized energy. And when our muscles are hypertonic and generally unable to help us survive a potential threat to our life, we find it highly likely that that area will become a major importance and priority for ATP expenditure. Much like how we will find fatigue in combination with injuries to our muscles or heavy workout sessions. Illnesses could be similar in theory where the amount of energy needed to fight the bacteria or virus taxes the same energy needed to function. Illness appears to be one of the few areas or times that our body will direct energy away from our extremities, apparently realizing that illness must be dealt with before anything else.

Our bodies thus seem to prioritize the ‘combat potential’ of the organism and appear to direct any systemic ATP to our muscles before excess can be sent anywhere else. (Recognizing that we have mitochondria all over our body, it is the access and even draining of those other areas we’re talking about.) Yet, because our bodies have no mechanical means of separating stuck actin and myosin muscle fibrils, that energy becomes largely wasted in a function it doesn’t seem capable of doing beyond a gentle chemical release of sodium.

This would then lead to a very large waste of ATP sent to that area. And as energy levels begin to drop in the bodies failure to address its issues, that area has been seen to become more and more likely to sustain further injuries, become more hypertonic, become more inflammatory and painful with time among other pathologies and diseases. Since ATP is also needed to return calcium to our bones then bone density loss also becomes more and more actual until it eventually becomes diagnosed osteoporosis, among other potential pathologies.

General lethargy has been attributed to countless chronic “uncurable” pathologies that then begs the question, “how much energy is that pathology costing the host? And is that pathology made chronic by a lack of energy OR the body’s ability to deal with it? If given enough energy, can dying nerves come back to life?”

Massage therapy has been around for a long time but has only been licensed since about 2009. And while most types of massage modalities are proven to give general benefits, it is our firm belief that only lavish use of essential oils, combined with steam towels, precision hot stones, some suction cups and finally closing cryotherapy, can the greatest potential results of massage therapy be found in the case of stuck myofibrils.


By effectively freeing stuck actin and myosin muscle fibrils by the use of effective massage therapy that:

1. Uses, at a minimal, excessive essential oils, steam towels and precision hot stones

2. Is approved by a licensed doctor after potential contraindicated conditions have been sought out or controlled.

-We can then potentially free the body of large amounts of previously wasted energy to then help heal conditions previously thought as impossible to heal from, including fibromyalgia, MDDS, neurologic pathologies etc. as noted in our testimonials.

Of course, until a peer reviewed clinical trial is done, we can not claim our work can reproduce the miracles we’ve seen, especially with pathologies far outside of our scope of practice.

But it is our firm belief that if standards of massage therapy increase enough to help the average person save countless amounts of their own wasted energy, that only then can we begin to see a wellness Renaissance that could help redefine what levels of homeostasis and living experiences we can hope to achieve.

While others may potentially fear massive crowds gaining more energy from more effective healing practices, they will also find the research indicates that the more we can help people overcome their pain, the less vulnerable they will become to potential political radicalization, violence or societal uprisings. Research also shows that those same people will become more effective in communicating with “others” outside of their collective tribes and become more effective at becoming heard as well as more able to listen to points of view outside of their bubbles.

So not only do we feel this theory could help countless people heal from pathologies from which they previously had no hope, we believe this can also be a small part of the puzzle of true world peace.

Please do not hesitate to submit any feedbacks or criticism. If you may have contacts generally interested in a potential clinical trial I would be honored to do a small scale proof of concept trial in a controlled environment to see if my theories have enough merit to warrant additional research and studies.

Trials To Consider
Reflective study on patients with general lethargy who receive our style of massage therapy.

Studies that may be able to test potential energetic waste of hypertonic muscles, including the bodies potential prioritization of ATP expenditure.

Study focusing of specific long term pathologies with no known cure and treating them to six months of our style of massage therapy. We are happy to teach our hallmark work for free and expect to be able to acquire potentially thousands of participating massage therapists across the country who are also willing to work for $20-$30/hr depending on local salaried averages. Depending on funding we may have to instead seek out volunteers.


Jason Barclay CEO

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