The Welcome Letter

Most hospitals are not always able to hire a social worker to greet each client and help them diffuse a little stress before rampaging into the team. It can be even worse the client feels guilt for the condition of whomever they are bringing for treatment.

The following welcoming letter is geared for veterinarians but can be easily adapted as needed.

And the truth is that our clients are part of a team as their history and information is quite vital to our work. And while trying to help them with any guilt they may contain, the goal of this letter is to help set professional boundaries that can allow our teams to work as efficiently as possible. 

Our present Letter:

Welcome to (Your Practice) - Your Partner in (Industry)

Together, Fighting for Their Well-being

Dear valued member of our team,

We're excited to meet you at (FILL). To us, you're not just a client - you're a crucial part of our team, united in providing the best possible care in the face of challenging health issues, including cancer.

Our Approach: Compassion and Expertise

How You Can Help:

Our Commitment to You:

Joining Forces Against Cancer

Welcome to Team (Practice)! Together, we'll give your beloved pet the care and attention they deserve in this fight.

Here for You and Your Pet, Every Step of the Way.


This letter is copywritten by Alexandra Ripoll (2023) to prevent bad actors from claiming they wrote this letter. We welcome other professionals to use this letter as needed but ask that at least some work is done to make it unique. ❤️