What if we succeeded in unleashing our chains, overcame our inner demons and began to work for the life we've always wanted?

Instead of imagining 'what if,' it's time to get back into action!

Motivation becomes easier when you can figure you what invisible enemy has been tripping you up, and is the subject of our combat of wellness section. It's hard to get inspired when you're uncertain of results. It's hard to get results when you lack the inspiration to get going.

In general, things or people in motion tend to stay in motion and things or people not in motion tend to... not be in much motion. This is called - 'Inertia.' When we talk about 'wishing we did more or where more,' we're saying we wished the inertia of our wellness, education, growth etc., was. Yet usually without recognizing that we have to face this invisible force and from the inside out become willing to change it.

Affirmations are simply the action of rewiring our brain and working to increase the speed of our wellness a little at a time. Specifically affirmations make use of the placebo effect, which is simply a fancy way of saying that what we tend to believe tends to happen. Its such a powerful effect that every clinical trial and serious research paper has to go through long lengths to 'control' for it, or to essentially carry out their research in such a way that participants 'have no idea what the right answers are' etc. Some Doctors even prescribe 'Placebo' drugs. Or drugs that are completely empty, but simply by the person believing that they are taking something that will help them, they actually get better. Some of those patients may have been imagining their symptoms to begins with but a large part of them are able to overcome minor symptoms in personality etc. by the power of belief alone.

Think of motivation more like the mph speed of your car. While it can certainly come to a crashing halt along the road of life, the next step forward will never be 60mph, or 'all or nothing' or '110%!'

As in the combat of wellness we have to learn to accept where we are, our relative speed towards our goals and potential lack thereof. All of our efforts in increase our determination to keep going, should all be focused on that next step alone. As in the story of Mt Everest in 'the legend of the eleven rings.'

What gets the most in the way of motivation is the disbelief that things can change. If we don't first learn about our invisible opponent it will be hard to even believe.

This sections then is filled with various videos, tips and insights to then help you gain a little more strength to fight your combat of wellness battles along your path of the better self.

We have to start seeing our own wellness, happiness and vitality levels as we would the check engine lights of our cars. The truth is we simply can't afford to neglect our own self care any longer. No matter how small you think your next single step is, own it.

What is the combat of wellness provided a unique chance to overcome obstacles that we as individuals and as a society have written of as impossible?

Don't continue to neglect your own self care wondering "What if I could overcome... step by step?"

Photo by Darren Tiumalu from Pexels