Wellness Your City

What invisible monster lurks beneath our cities that inflames their anger, disease and multiple crises? What if effective solutions existed that didn't require heavy resources or budgets?

It's no secret that our societies are struggling, especially in the wake and threatened future of the coronavirus. Yet, even before the virus, we were already struggling with depression, anxiety, violence, education, wellness, extreme partisanship and generally trying to find wellness in a turbulent sea of challenges to our very lives and well-being. Struggling to find our place, our path in a world that seems to become more enamored with its problems day by day and less focused on it’s solutions.

City and state officials struggle to stretch their budgets to the limit while they fight to try and make a difference for their cities and states but find this invisible force in the way of all of their efforts. The same invisible force, that can turn our best intentions into cautionary tales applies just as much to them. For any time we let our stress, fear or anger direct the hand of policy it becomes doomed to fail from its conception.

How we can help.

We are not just another wellness company. We believe we are the company that can truly help to turn things around and hope that you are willing to test us.

The main way that we can help is through our free content to help people overcome their own stress, pain and inner demons that haunt us all.

Beyond that, we would be more than honored the schedule a phone call or meeting to discuss how we can more precisely help multiply the efficacy of your city and state budgets as far as health, wellness, violence, crime, workforce and economics by helping to effectively address the very thing that’s been holding you back.

Much love,

Jason Barclay (310-736-5929)

Photo by Sean Kernerman from Pexels