Don't judge ourselves or others by kryptonite caused motionlessness, but by the strength inside.

(An excerpt from our upcoming book)


"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." -- Christopher Reeve

Just like how we can define ourselves by our mud, we can also to easily define ourselves by our lack of activity, strength or intelligence.

We make the mistake of assigning value based on apparent motion, and thus in this world, our value. But that is simply the wrong way to value anything. In any given moment the apparent motion or value of any entity will be their strength vs outside forces and stressors they have to face.

Someone who is motionless is not valueless, they just need help on chaining things that are holding them down. They need help removing some responsibility so that they can learn to master what they’re able to do.

Motionlessness is also known as overwhelm, which is mistaken as being lazy.

For example, Superman is one the of the most powerful Superheroes. He’s invincible, can fly, can take a bullet to the eye and barely blink etc. Yet with kryptonite he can become beat up, tied down, beat up more and sent into paralysis.

While he was on the ground you wouldn’t say he was worthless; you’d say his external forces were equivalent or greater to his power within. Just like us. For inside we are POWERFUL, but so are the stress factors around us and unfortunately our pain pushes us to become our own worst critics, abusers and frenemies.

The problem is that once we get knocked down into motionlessness, like all wellness activities, we will be up against the physics of inertia. It’s simply going to take more effort to slightly get into motion again. That’s why we have to learn to be okay with focusing only on the next inch towards her wellness and no matter how small our recovery that we commit to doing something every day to grow. I don’t care if it’s drinking one glass of water, doing one squat, walking around the block, whatever it is, if we can commit to our next inch then we can build the momentum we need to stay ahead of our challenges and depression.

Eventually, our momentum can grow so strong that anything that tries again our way will get peacefully hit aside by our tidal wave of relentless yet positive energy.

Photo by Klaus Nielsen from Pexels