Depression & Anxiety

You are NOT alone. Over 42% of Americans have reported dealing with depression, up from only 11% a year prior.

Don't suffer in silence, fight back.

In the case of a medical emergency please dial 911.

We are also here for you so please feel free to reach out!

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The more sophisticated the problem we face, the more sophisticated our response needs to become. At Interventional Wellness Inc. we recognize that we are but a small part of that combined response.

As a society, depression and anxiety are on the rise at 42% of Americans over 11% pre-covid. Many of us have dozens of fallen friendships and even relationships that had gone astray. We're often left wondering what's wrong with us. Maybe this is what we deserve...

When the truth is that it is NOT our fault, we are NOT beyond repair and the only thing wrong with us is a system that was designed to help us survive but has been largely to blame for much of our pain and hardship.

Fight or Flight mode.

This little monster has been largely responsible for our broken friendships, relationships, weight gain, sickness, hardships and so on by both predisposing us and inflaming any current conditions. This same system is known to decrease cognitive abilities while predisposing us to weight gain, illness and so on.

But don't stress about stress either, learn to fight back in the combat of wellness.

Also don't hesitate to reach out to us, we were literally formed to be there for people just like you. Believe it or not, there are many industries and professionals that feel nothing can help them, no amount of therapy, medications, or healing could possibly make life more bearable, and if they came forward with how they truly felt, they would be canned the next day. Many doctors and policemen fall into this category.

But again it was for people like you that we were created.

If you think you're beyond hope, think again. If you think it's impossible to ease your level of pain and depression, give us a try. While you will always have the right to move on from us, know we will always be here for you.

Some of our stories may be able to help, but specifically the following ones more so:

  • The Chasm - It's not as inescapable as you might think.

  • Monalisa - Underneath our crap, we are still invaluable

  • Superman - Value is not determined by our motion or lack thereof.

  • The River - The river does not worry about its obstacles, it keeps moving.

Never hesitate in reaching out to us, you may find we're quite different.

No matter how tough things appear, there is always hope, there is always a path forward.

Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels