Special Thanks To Our Supporters

On this page we are only including the people and entities that gone out of their way to do acts of kindness for us either personally or professionally. We've given over one hundred free massages and fight to give away our breakthroughs in the hopes it makes a difference faster than if we kept it to ourselves. It's not common we receive acts of kindness back that help us fight on, regardless of its size. This list is forever, and new acts of kindness will follow under the ones present. Regardless of how much one thinks they've mastered life, it's our kindness alone that can make even the darkness shine.  


A true gift from the stars. If it wasn't for her dauntless, consistent and beyond this world kindness and generosity, then it's quite certain that Jason, the founder, would not have made it to the other end of the dangerous cult he found himself in one day. Based on a friendship as if out of a dream that unfortunately ended with an awkward phone of leaving school.

With  attempts to reconnect or repay that kindness impossible we will travel to any friends or family of Paramount Studios or receive them in our practice for free MBLEX based licensed adjunctive medical massage therapy for chronic pain, ROM issue or stress. 

Shout out to R0DE Microphones, since they are the first entity of any kind to support us and at a value over $800!

It's not easy to specialize in this type of research and healing without funding and thank them for being part of the light that helps us fight on.  This may sound small but will go a long way to improve the quality of our future videos, books and rescearch with dragon dicatation and other software. Just like every act of unkindness can make the world a little colder, every act of kindness like this can have larger results than ever realized. Stay kind out there. 


Shout out to a comedic streamer known as V3 on Twitch for her support. It meant a lot and wish her career much success. Even with her malware <3