On suicide

In the case of an emergency we ask everyone to please call 911 as there is help for you. Time is not running out, it's only beginning. Once you learn our secrets and hacks you'll realize there's nothing wrong with you and that you suffer from a hidden enemy much more than the rest of us:


Suicide is the 4th leading cause of death every year in 15-19 year olds. Around 700,000 people die of suicide every year. It's actually quite a serious epidemic that we need to get a grasp on and not distance ourselves from further. Especially when many have reported that a single hug saved their lives. 


Obviously stress is going to have the largest impact on a persons calculations as to 'how much is life worth it.' And thus we feel we are one of many strong allies to help people recover from this literally life threatening potential action.

I, Jason, nearly took my own life once by stepping off a tall building while in the middle of a cult. I remember looking into the sky like it was yesterday, looking for a sign. To this day I'll never know if those glowing orbs that appeared were my own imagination or not but they bought me time. Time to escape where I was to then work to avoid their skip tracing department that literally fought to chase me down over the next two weeks... I'll never be able to fully paint a picture of how destroyed I was back then, how utterly certain I was that I would never be of use to society. Back then it was just simple math that the world would be better off without me. The recovery was tough and much of what I had to do to climb back out are scattered throughout our company. Tho specifically the combat of wellness

A year later I became a bestselling author on amazon while already a second degree black belt in martial arts. 

The pain of my future wife then motivated me to begin a 1,500 training commitment into the world of massage therapy and healing in the hopes of helping her overcome a tough career, and then to better be able to help countless others overcome their own chasms. 

In this way our hearts go out to everyone out there struggling, who worry they may never be able to improve or overcome the hardships they find themselves in. There is hope. And we have your back. Never hesitate to reach out. 

Just like in the combat of wellness, the complexity of the problem we face needs to be met with an equivalently sophisticated approach. The problem here will be the willingness, and at times the ability to get out of bed and get into any motion or exercise. 

A large reason that people commit suicide is actually how others react to those facing serious depression. More often than not they will be met with cold shoulders, silence, attacks in order to distance from them, or worse, belittlement of their struggles "in an effort to help."

A key thing to remember is that there is a very big difference between 'occasional thoughts of suicide' and 'feeling actionable.' 

If a staff member or a friend is feeling actionable then you need to intervene and get them help. If they are merely thinking of suicide then just be there for them, hear them out. And if one is their superior, consider if you may need to freshen up on your management skills to help with areas that are leading to their demise. Just like on that page, depression of ones staff should be met as if they were signs of stress, with support. 

The various stories we have can help, but we especially recommend:

That ended up being many of them but it was for people going through tough situations that they were created. 

There also many industries that have a much higher suicide rate than others, like the veterinary community. Largely due to basics of management being completely out, leading to insufficient training, excessive work loads, highly unbalanced workloads, accelerated burnout, preventable lawsuits and their cries for common sense changes often met with "suck it up," cold shoulders or even attacks for having dared to try and help their hospital increase profits. 

The most damaging thought, that will lead to thoughts of suicide 10/10 is "there's no hope, this is how it will always be... there's no escape..." When management only turns up the heat against that individual, they are directly at fault for any suicide rates they may have. And unfortunately the same is true when the basics of management are out. 

The basics of management are guaranteed to increase profits while their absence is guaranteed to cause incalculable damage, pushing management to focus only on current fires with nearly no ability to get ahead of dwindling conditions in their midst. Illusionists don't only try to make the harder workers appear to be villains, to be kept on a tight leash, they actively seek to make them leave, by any means necessary if the presence of that hard worker conflicts with the image of awesomeness they are trying to paint. 

For many dealing with serious depression, learning about how fight or flight has been largely responsible for a majority of their set backs and pains can help. 

Depression is one of the toughest opponents we can face today. Don't suffer in silence. There are actually many people out there happy and willing to help. All of us fall down here and there and need help from others to get back up. Thus there is nothing wrong with occasionally being the ones that need the help, since we know that once we recover me may be willing to pay it forward, no matter how bleak our recovery seems to be. 

It's also ironic that illusionists or people who simply don't care about the wellness of others don't suffer from stress in the same way as they rest of us, they only feel more motivated to destroy everyone and everything around them while we feel less and less like leaving. 

That's also why its ironic for the good workers of an organization or administration to leave in protest as that only leaves more corrupt people in their wake. 

Never give up, never surrender. The truth is that you are more than you may be able to realize. And even though things may appear impossible now, one day you will pull through and better be able to relate and help others with their own pain. 

The road of life was never meant to be walked alone. We say it's time to start uniting our efforts to help one another overcome our inner daemons and put and end to divisive rhetoric and attacks. 


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels