Interventional Massage

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Don't settle for another massage that will only last for a few hours, get one that feels amazing with permanent tangible results!

As our lives become more and more stressful, we fail to recognize the very strange fact that stress is not so much our reaction to situations and events that we find ‘stressful’… but more and more commonly it’s the very thing that’s causing them… It's time to break our chains to break the viscous cycle while we still have time.

(Presently accepting all insurance companies that support massage therapy. Please confirm with your insurance company that they cover massage therapy by licensed massage therapists ahead of time. Some over cover massages done by clinicians or have various plans, like Medicare part c, that does cover massage therapy)

Let us take your breath away or take the challenge to see how much we can permanently help reduce your chronic pain in a single session.

As in the about us page, this company was born out of desperation when Alexandra developed crippling levels of fibromyalgia. Despite seeing countless specialists they all said the best was could hope for was managing her symptoms. In true love vs the world fashion, Jason engaged in over 1,500 hours of training and far more in the hopes of helping ease his wifes symptoms. In the end, love won and now today her chronic pain levels are only 1-2 when they used to be a chronic 8. And now the countless breakthroughs that were designed to help some of the toughest clients are now available to you and for a true bargain.

Expect us to uplift your expectations of what massage therapy can do. Expect results. And expect an effective ally along your tough road of life.

A few safety massage therapy tips to stay safe when seeing other practices:

  • Hot stones should always be in motion, never still and only applied at a perfection of temperature per the tolerance of the client.

  • Pain above 3/4 out of 10 is unnecessary. That pain actually represents your muscle fiber heads being ripped off. Around a 3/4 pain level out of ten gives you a perfect balance of a massage that feels amazing, and with long lasting mechanical results.

  • Results from a massage should last for 1-3 weeks. If they only last you hours, you need a new therapist.

Every modality and add on that we deliver are presently included for only $80/hour. Pay as you can is also accepted for those in need. We are different in that we have mastered modalities to New York grades yet we don't charge any additional fees for any added modality, tool etc. Making the best of your experience and not making you weigh the guilt of upgrade fees and potential increased efficacy.

Special shout out to Business Talk Radio for having us on! They are truly giants fighting to make a powerful difference while also providing a strong platform for others with positive voices. Things could easily get worse or better in our lives, relationships, business and society at large- but all depending on our willingness to begin dealing with the demons within our own mind less our good intentions turn into cautionary tales…

$80/hr Session Includes:

Steamed Towels

Precision Hot Stones


Topical Essential Oils


Deep Tissue

Medical Massage



Fascia Blaster

Suction Cups

Cool packs (usually as a finisher)

One insanely decked out massage room.

And more!

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