Mt Everest

Don't look at the big picture. Set a course, then focus only on that next step.

(An excerpt from our upcoming book)

Mt Everest

“Believe you can and you're halfway there.” –Theodore Roosevelt

How often do we become so focused at the overall goal or objective that we find it hard to keep our faith that we can ever make it, as it appears miles away in the sky while we battle and fight to simply be able to breeze and exist.

What if focusing on the goal was the very thing that was getting in our way of it?

One of the toughest possible goals of all is to climb Mount Everest. It's a pretty extreme that’s only possible to perhaps the top 5% of athletes in the world. Before they can even apply, they have to already be unrealistically fit and then they have to go through a serious training program for months beyond that.

And even when all of their training is done, they're all still told, “Never look at the peak, only focus on your next steps and then you're guaranteed to get a few steps ahead. Then one day, you’ll look up and realize there's no more steps to take for you have made it.”

Even legendary class athletes are told to not look at the goal but only to look at their next footstep.

How many times have you heard a football coach to shout only about the next inch? Imagine instead he only shouted about the touchdown? His team would get decimated from a lack of immediate focus.

We must learn to focus only on our next step and to take genuine pride in it for it’s truly the only thing that matters. Let it energize us. Let it build into a momentum. No matter what the eventual goal is. The better we learn to master the journey itself the more we are likely to slowly shape our lives into one more filled with wellness, joy and success.

Photo by Roman Pohorecki from Pexels