Even if we're covered in mud and chains that hold us down, our value can never be contested.

(An excerpt from our upcoming book)


“Don't be upset when people reject you. Nice things are rejected all the time by people who can't afford them.” --Unknown

Too often, we will define ourselves by our pain, weight, negativity, resulting inability to love ourselves and others etc. etc. In other words, we tend to define ourselves by the mud on top of us. And for that, I like this story from a conversation with the client mentioned earlier.

I said, “If you went to a museum and saw a Monalisa painting, would you want it?”

“Of course.”

“Well, what if it was covered with dust?”


“What if it was covered with layers and layers of mud?”

“Oh… yeah.”

“See that's you!”

To which they replied, “I’m the mud?!”

“No! You're the Monalisa!”

I truly believe that in every one of us are amazing, inspiring, fit, attractive, intelligent, wealthy, heroes and heroines and it’s just our anger, our fear, our guilt that dims our light.

We are NOT the mud on top of us that’s holding us down. We simply have no idea how amazing and beautiful we are inside because we spent so much time defining ourselves by lies and allowing fighter flights painful self-preservation system to make us focus only on our negative sides until we’ve allowed it to define us.

And actually, more than any other thing this often gets in my way of healing as some people are not ready to no longer be “the girl with Fibro” or whatever had defined them for so long.

And unfortunately, that same sentiment applies to the Western world. I had one client who came to see me for the roughest frozen shoulder I had ever seen. She also had MDDS but that was guaranteed to be for life.

Somehow, she got her balance back over a few months and her doctors were so upset that she had healed that they called her insurance and had her kicked off of it. To them, it was impossible to heal this condition even though your balance is actually in your years and hypertonic neck muscles, especially your SCM, can wreak havoc on your ears by pulling hard on your nearby styloid process.

Her doctors were so insistent as defining her as having that condition that they remorselessly canceled her benefits and insurance for the ‘crime of healing.’ I would not say that they were evil by longshot just more closed minded than an ostrich.

Photo by Dalila Dalprat from Pexels