Self Improvement

The road of life was never meant to become this rough. Never give up believing in your better self. Hand in hand we'll get there together. 

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Regardless of the slings and arrows that are on your back, there is hope. There is always a way, even if sometimes that way requires hunkering down and getting through tougher times. Our hope is that even in those times, we can help with even the smallest of ideas to help you survive "The Combat Of Wellness." 

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It's no secret that we're struggling. Over 80% of adults report that they suffer from stress in some form. Yet how many of them truly understand the impacts that stress has in their life. As in our free page on stress? At the very least stress actually predisposes us to injury, disease, weight gain, anger, violence, cognitive decline and so on. 

 Additionally, 40% of Americans are obese and thus predisposed to pandemics, injury and other medical concerns. 

We could go on but you get the point. We're struggling and it's time to fight back. 

How many individuals are out therewith untapped potential, who could've helped us improve our efficacy in cancer research, healing and more. We know that stress related accidents, disability, burnout and so on is one of the most expensive forces in our world. But we haven't even begun to estimate the countless losses due to the many people who could've helped elevate our world, are too paralyzed with depression to even begin their journey. Yet in the end, we realize that everything we've been through defines who we are and sometimes can leave to a far more powerful breakthrough than one that had been kept in the safe environment of a university. Our pain doesn't lessen who we are, it builds her character and potential to one day make a greater difference.

This entire section is made for you, the individual, to help give insights, tools and weapons of peace to aid in your resurgence. Oddly enough, the solutions are easier than you think. They simply require a new way of looking at life. 

So go ahead and dive in, you may discover something within that helps empower your intervention and general fight to become a little better, a little wiser, a little more effective, a little more successful etc. And with the struggles of our world, time is of the essence, starting with you

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In the end, even when times seen their bleakest, the most impossible, the most unrecoverable... No matter how extreme political divides become... There is always hope as long as were willing to take a serious look at wellness within ourselves and others.

It doesn't matter if you're on the left or right, whatever you are be a good one. 

No one can afford to "try and carry the world on their shoulders" as they slowly fall apart in a few become added to the problem. 

There's one reason that has been behind good intentions paving the way to hell through history... Unmitigated stress and all of its painful symptoms and manifestations.

It's time we hear the call of betterment and become our own interventional forces to one day experience of life we never imagined would have been possible.

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